Sites Most Suitable for Seniors

Dubai is a place for all ages and races. Don’t ever hesitate to book a vacation there for your dear parents, aunts or uncles, because they just might have the time of their life in Dubai. One of the best things is that seniors get many discounts and it still doesn’t mean less quality! On the contrary! UAE is the society that is highly respectful to elderly and their needs. Family is extremely important to them, and it doesn’t matter how old they get, because they will always have the best possible treatment. But for sure they will not be into bar hopping or spending the entire night on the beach listening to loud music. That is why Dubai made sure that if you are traveling with your dear mother and father, or maybe even your grandparents – there will be things for them to enjoy too.

Arab world is known by its variety of spices and exotic dishes! If your mother is a good cook who loves experimenting with food – take her to the Dubai market. She will love the smell and colors of herbal spices and teas and you might have a hard time taking her back to the hotel.

Not everything in Dubai Marina is oriented to heavy partying and amusing younger folks. You will find pretty cruising boats, lovely decorated, with soothing traditional music coming from them. Your parents would surely enjoy the ride on one of them. Cruises can be one or two hours long. For the minimum price of 20 Dollars they will be served lovely dinner and desert and some domestic wines. Tour guides will explain them what are the things they are looking at, at hey will probably want to go on a cruise again.

Instead of taking your elders to the shopping mole, try to take a walk around the city center and get into some of the most beautiful mosques in the world. After that you might want to see the Dubai Museum hidden underground; it is once in a life time experience.  When the lunch or tea time comes, you can pick one of the lovely tea places scattered all around Dubai. Teas have exceptional taste; some of them are ‘specialized’ to cure diseases, so after having a cup of tea you will probably have to go for tea shopping. Take Abra to transfer you across the water to the market place where you bought some spices earlier. And if your mom wants to make a dress for herself using some of the nicest materials (silk, cashmere…) she will find those in the market place too.

It is scientifically proven that men like to ride horses and bet on them, so your father would surely enjoy some camel or horse riding in one of the many stables in Dubai. Also, you can take him watch camel or horse races, but warn him not to bet, because that is strictly forbidden! Have a great family time enjoying these a bit slower, but exciting activities in Dubai!

Author: asdfggh