How to choose the best solar panels

Are you considering the utilization of solar energy in order to lighten up your house without causing any damage whatsoever to the environment? Well, there are a few factors that you need to think about while choosing solar panels for your usage. These are:

Overall Price

You need to bear in mind that the overall cost of these panels available at solar panels suppliers in UAE is dependent upon their physical size, their size in Watts, their longevity or the warranty period that they have as well as any certification that they might come with. The selection of these panels solely on the basis of their price is not wise at all as all of these specifications need to be considered.

Wattage and Size

The price of your panel is affected by its size in Watts, considering that they are largely priced in dollars per Watt. The output of these panels is associated to Watts. What this implies is that a panel of 100 Watts can easily produce 100 Watts of electricity on an hourly basis. So, the higher the Watts, the more you would have to pay.

Moreover, a 200 Watts panel will cost more due to the fact that it would be far bigger in terms of size as compared to that of 100 Watts. What you should pay most attention to is that your system has sufficient Watts to fulfill your energy requirements and can easily fit in the area that you wish to install it in.


The efficiency of these panels has largely been debated in recent times. People wonder how effective their panels should be in converting sunlight to electricity. However, you need to acknowledge the fact that a solar system of 100 watts would produce 100 watts only and not more than that.


If you have bright cool conditions, then it is best for you to get multi-crystalline or mono-crystalline panels for renewable energy in UAE. However, if temperatures are high, amorphous silicon ones work best. If you have an unshaded roof, you should get any of the crystalline ones, whereas amorphous panels are suitable for roofs that have partial shading.

Solar Cell Type

The type of solar cell used in the production of the system also plays a major role in determining its size. There are 3 types of cells, namely:

  • Mono-crystalline silicon
  • Multi or Poly-crystalline silicon
  • Thin-film or Amorphous silicon

Mono-crystalline ones are extremely small, whereas poly-crystalline ones are a bit bigger in size. However, amorphous ones are the largest amongst all and produce the biggest solar panels.

Advantages of Aluminum Ladders

You can find ladders constructed of a wide array of materials in the market, and each material has its own pros and cons. Before selecting a ladder, the type of material you go for is dependent on the application or the type of work it is going to be used for. Here’s why you will greatly benefit from using an Aluminium ladder purchased from a credible aluminium ladder supplier in Dubai:

Aluminium ladders are so popular because of their increased resistance to weather conditions. Aluminium is the only material that when exposed to wet or damp conditions, does not rust easily. Ferric metals, such as iron, cannot cope well when exposed to moisture or water. Aluminium develops a coat of aluminium oxide on its surface, which adds a layer of protection against corrosion or rust.

Another great advantage of using aluminium ladders is due to their light weight. People in the construction industry know the hassle of carrying their ladders around to different locations, even on long distances and hauling them upstairs. This is where a lightweight ladder proves greatly beneficial. Wood and fiberglass ladders are cumbersome and bulky, even when you have to carry them around for short intervals.

Another reason why we recommend aluminium ladders is due to their flame-resistant property. Fire departments all over the world use aluminium ladders for their operations. When compared to other materials, these ladders are much more capable of resisting flame and are more durable as compared to wood or other materials. When compared to their aluminium counterpart, wooden ladders suffer wear and tear and deteriorate in time from moisture.

Aluminium ladders are also the preferred choice globally because they require next to no maintenance. Once you have purchased an aluminium ladder, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to replace your ladder anytime soon. While all ladders should undergo regular inspection for safety reasons, wooden ladders are in need of frequent varnish to maintain their life.

Being a lightweight alloy, aluminium ladders are much more durable than other materials. Wooden ladders can lose their strength and rot over time, making them a safety hazard for workers, while fiberglass ladders are known to crack over time. Aluminium ladders are highly durable and are not prone to such weaknesses.

Finally the cost of aluminium ladders is why they are the most popular. Of all the materials, aluminium ladders are the cheapest. This does not mean that they are fabricated from a cheap material; it is only because the manufacturing cost of preparing ladders from other materials is much higher. Click here to know more benefits of aluminium ladders.