Precautions Before Doing a Car Repair

Luxury cars are very attractive and are an essential part of the wish-lists of many individuals. To afford a luxury car people may plan for many years and try hard to achieve it with sheer effort. However, not all of the people out there are equipped with the right kind of knowledge to repair and maintain cars on their own because of the huge technicalities and electronic configurations. A hammer and screwdriver is not anymore sufficient to maintain and smoothly run your car. Amateur mechanics are the only way to handle and repair your exotic vehicles without any damage. So don’t try to waste your time or damage your vehicle when the Mercedes service center in Abu Dhabi is available with efficient services.

An automotive system incorporated in current vehicles is increasingly complicated and its installations, fixing and corrections, and identification of problem area needs complex and professional skills. Even a car owner’s manual can`t detailed you about exact procedures and sequence to perform particular job with proper safety measures.

But if you really insist to repair your car on your own, following are some precautions and safety measures listed to guide you for basic repairs at home.

  1. Understand Your Car’s Internal Structure: As you have spent thousands of dollars or AEDs to buy your luxury car, you better understand its basic infrastructure and things hidden inside the beautiful bonnet. Study the Car manual and instructions with diagram to understand its interior mechanism. Battery location, positions of different reservoirs for different fluids and other links.


  1. Let the car to cool down before any Investigation: If the car is suddenly started to trouble you on the road it’s better to let it cool down before doing anything ridicules. When the engine is hot even a water input in the radiator can be harmful for your own safety. Make sure that your hands and face are well covered before unscrewing the radiator cap. For night time it’s better to use LED lighting for better vision and risk free circuit brake and sparks in batteries.


  1. Turn off the Engine before Checking Oil Levels: The engine should be turned off with proper parking mode and manual shift at first gear with proper hand brake. No smoking is allowed during oil checking and fuel investigations. Some car dealers even don’t recommend cell phones calls near to open oil tank of the cars. After checking oil levels with its minimum and maximum indicators make sure the oil tank cap is properly screwed again.


  1. Some other Safety Measures: If you are not satisfied with the anti-freezing levels add some with proper guidelines given by product manual. Antifreeze needs proper dilation before input to work properly. Windshield washer liquid which is used during summers need proper cleaning of reservoir and refilling before winter to maintain appropriate windshield vision and glass screeched free surface. Always change windshield wipers before freezing time to make sure easy removal and reinstallation else the forceful removal might damage the car. Batteries are computer controlled so if they need reinstallation, better check the manual and try to understand stability control and reprogramming instructions to adjust the new battery accordingly. In new and exotic cares even a tire changing needs great care and attention. An X pattern to unscrew the tire, rust and dirt free hub surface, and original spare wheel is recommended to change a tire.

For better performance and efficient car life, every type of car needs six months to a year maintenance and examination. For any exotic vehicle, the mini cooper services in Abu Dhabi can be acquired which are quite equipped with the efficient car repair and maintenance service systems.

Why become a dentist?

The field of dentistry is full of challenges but at the same time it’s an interesting and a rewarding profession which is highly regarded across the globe. A dentist is not only a scientist but also an artist, and an entrepreneur. There is no hard and fast rule about which qualities make a great dentist but there are certain factors which determine the quality of a dentistry professional. Please follow the link to get an access to the best dentist in the UAE.

Let’s take a look at some of the traits that the world class dentists possess in different parts of the world.

  1. A top class dentist has a great manual dexterity, which generally keeps him apart from the rest. A mouth is a complex place to operate and perform different functions because of its small size and a number of features, including teeth, gums, tongue, etc. A minor error may cause a big disaster to the patient, therefore a great manual dexterity always comes in handy for a professional dentist. A steady hand means good motor skills which ensure quality job to the patients. The dentists should also have a strong mental and physical strength as there can be some procedures which require them to stand for a longer period of time.
  2. A great dentist is also good with communication skills as he or she interacts with the patients, listens carefully to their health issues, and suggests the right procedure in a way that doesn’t make them perturbed or put them in a discomfort. They also impart education on the diagnosis and treatment of various dental issues to their patients, therefore it is always a great thing to have if you know how to communicate in an efficient manner.
  3. A great dentist also strong interpersonal skills and he should know how to win hearts and minds of the people who he or she interacts with. It is a known fact worldwide that people don’t enjoy visiting a dentist, but things change completely when it comes to a top quality dentist. If you, as a dentist, have the ability to make people comfortable with the required medical procedure, you already hit the halfway milestone in the treatment plan.
  4. Most of the dentists run their own clinics and it is a great quality to have if he or she has strong business skills. It is necessary for them because they not only have to make a huge repute as a dentist but also have to build their business.

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