Live your dreams during your visit to Dubai

If you are going to visit Dubai to spend your holidays and looking for ideas to make your trip fun filled and exciting, then the best thing that you can do is to opt for things and activities that you always wanted to do at least once in your life. If truth be told, Dubai has so much to offer for those who want to experience something new and exciting in their lives that you will fly back to your home fully satisfied and contented.

If you are getting confused about the things that you can do in Dubai, then the following are a few tips that can help you get the best out of your Dubai trip and live your dreams by indulging into things that you always wanted to do.

1- Book your favorite car to explore Dubai in style

One of the first things that you can do during your stay in Dubai, is to rent your favorite ride that you always wanted to drive at least once. The good news for you in this regard is that there are so many good car rental companies in Dubai that offer all kind of cars for their clients. So if you want to rent a Ferrari in Dubai or always dreamt of driving a Lamborghini, then you can easily rent it to explore Dubai in luxury and style.

2- Dine in at the only 7 star hotel in the world

If you are a foodie and love to experience best dining experience, then nothing can be better for you than dining in at the only 7 star hotel in the world. By dining at one of the best restaurants in Burj Al Arab, you will be able to enjoy your food in a luxurious atmosphere.

3- Explore Dubai from a different perspective

Another amazing activity that you can opt for during your stay in Dubai is to book a helicopter tour of Dubai. If you don’t know already, there are a number of tour operators in Dubai that offer helicopter tours to their clients. This will allow you to experience and admire the beautiful landscape of Dubai from a completely different perspective.

If truth be told, there are many other activities and things that you can indulge into during your stay in Dubai to fulfill your desires and make the most out of your visit. See this here to get more information in this regard.

Experience Dubai by setting out on a desert safari trip

If you are making a list of holiday destinations where you can spend your next vacation, Dubai will surely find its place in it. It is one of the best places that you must visit in the Middle East. There is a whole lot that Dubai offers to its visitors than any other holiday destination on your list. One of the best things about Dubai is that it is the city that constantly keeps adding new attractions to attract more and more tourists. Among all these amazing activities and attractions, the desert safari in Dubai stands out with all its thrill and unique experiences.

Many tourists who visit Dubai for the first time find themselves getting overwhelmed with its modern architecture and impressing activities and attractions. Exploring the countless constructional wonders of Dubai will make you create an image of city of concrete and man made landscape about it. As you will leave for the desert in a luxury SUV, you will be amazed to witness an entirely new perspective of the city. If you are worried about the climate as Dubai is known for its really hot weather, then relax as desert safari tour operators will take you into the desert in well maintained vehicles that will provide you with a temperature controlled environment during your ride.

One of the best parts about desert safari tours is that you will have the choice to pick a package that suits best for you and your family. If you are alone, you can choose to go with a random group of tourists. If you are in Dubai with your family, you can opt for a private desert safari tour to feel more comfortable. You will also have the choice that if you want to experience morning desert safari tour, event tour or want to spend a night in the desert.

Morning safari in Dubai is very popular among tourists. Thrill packed dune bashing ride will give an amazing start to your day. Experienced drivers will take you to some of the tallest sand dunes in the desert. There they will let you get off the vehicle to admire the beauty of desert and take some selfies to preserve your desert experience as a memory. There is no denying the fact that surfing through the sand dunes in a powerful SUV is fun, but how can you miss the ride on the ship of the desert. You will be offered a ride on camel to provide you real experience of desert. Do not forget to enjoy a quad bike ride to explore the desert on your own.

Sights and Sounds of Dubai – A Sneak Peak

Dubai is a place with many facets. Each one has its own color and uniqueness. The city is so widely visited by many each year that you will rush on the airport no matter when you go. If this rush is anything to go by, you will likely find more rush on the streets of downtown Dubai. There is no argument that the city is busy, and some of the top business brands take pride in operating from Dubai. It is even better that Dubai also has a lighter side. It is this side that you will likely visit the city for.

The city has perhaps the more opportunities of fun and entertainment than any other in the entire Middle East region. It makes plenty of sense to go and visit this unique city. Moreover, unlike other tourism spots where you may have experienced difficulty during travelling, Dubai has no such issues. All you need to do is to hire a ride and take a complete city tour in Dubai. Here is more on what else to do to make your Dubai trip a memorable one:

Try Desert Safari

You’ve heard a lot about it and wanted to try it someday. Here is your chance to hit the desert road and try the four-wheel drive. A quick survey will reveal to you that desert safari trips are offered by several companies. You will get a different tour from each company. This means that you can try different flavors of the safari during your tour. Off course, you are looking for the best desert safari in Dubai, but there is no harm in trying more than one safari trips during your visit. However, doing it consecutively might lose the fun so it would be better to take one, then do other trips and take another before leaving Dubai. In the meantime, you should pay a visit to the beaches that offer a number of different packages. Ride the waves and match their speed on a fast speed boat or take a trip to the ocean on the surfing board. If you are more into eating and recreation, you have a number of hotels, restaurants to choose from. Each one will satisfy your taste buds and make you wish you could come again. You will never have boring moment during your stay at Dubai.

In short, Dubai has loads of options on offer; it is up to you to decide if you have enough time to enjoy each one of these.

Sites Most Suitable for Seniors

Dubai is a place for all ages and races. Don’t ever hesitate to book a vacation there for your dear parents, aunts or uncles, because they just might have the time of their life in Dubai. One of the best things is that seniors get many discounts and it still doesn’t mean less quality! On the contrary! UAE is the society that is highly respectful to elderly and their needs. Family is extremely important to them, and it doesn’t matter how old they get, because they will always have the best possible treatment. But for sure they will not be into bar hopping or spending the entire night on the beach listening to loud music. That is why Dubai made sure that if you are traveling with your dear mother and father, or maybe even your grandparents – there will be things for them to enjoy too.

Arab world is known by its variety of spices and exotic dishes! If your mother is a good cook who loves experimenting with food – take her to the Dubai market. She will love the smell and colors of herbal spices and teas and you might have a hard time taking her back to the hotel.

Not everything in Dubai Marina is oriented to heavy partying and amusing younger folks. You will find pretty cruising boats, lovely decorated, with soothing traditional music coming from them. Your parents would surely enjoy the ride on one of them. Cruises can be one or two hours long. For the minimum price of 20 Dollars they will be served lovely dinner and desert and some domestic wines. Tour guides will explain them what are the things they are looking at, at hey will probably want to go on a cruise again.

Instead of taking your elders to the shopping mole, try to take a walk around the city center and get into some of the most beautiful mosques in the world. After that you might want to see the Dubai Museum hidden underground; it is once in a life time experience.  When the lunch or tea time comes, you can pick one of the lovely tea places scattered all around Dubai. Teas have exceptional taste; some of them are ‘specialized’ to cure diseases, so after having a cup of tea you will probably have to go for tea shopping. Take Abra to transfer you across the water to the market place where you bought some spices earlier. And if your mom wants to make a dress for herself using some of the nicest materials (silk, cashmere…) she will find those in the market place too.

It is scientifically proven that men like to ride horses and bet on them, so your father would surely enjoy some camel or horse riding in one of the many stables in Dubai. Also, you can take him watch camel or horse races, but warn him not to bet, because that is strictly forbidden! Have a great family time enjoying these a bit slower, but exciting activities in Dubai!