Interior designs – An beginner’s guide

Are you tired of looking at the same old interior and are willing to have a fresh one for your restaurant? If so, it is great option and you should think deeply about it. After all, it is worthy to pay more attention to upgrades and enhancements you might need for the restaurant. Here, the concern is related to restaurant interior design Dubai, which will likely improve the look and reputation of yours. Unlike home interiors, restaurants have a different story to share. Being commercial in nature means they’ll likely remain exposed to customers all year long. The importance of revamping your restaurant interior once every few years is something you should look into. It is important to carefully choose the theme and design of the interior so that you don’t end up making any mistakes and regret them later. Part of that has to do with the fact that only the most cutting edge, top of the line interiors should be chosen for restaurants. One can say that your restaurant interior design will make a world of difference to your business and you will know the results soon after. Here is more on interior designs and why should you pay enough attention on them:


When it comes to interior design, every single detail matters. You can say that there is no room for neglecting any of them else rectifying it may become difficult. Keep in mind that these interiors are carefully planned and designed. You will have to find the top of the line interior design company for completing the task so you should start as soon as you had planned to go ahead with the upgrade.


Interior design is not something that can be done overnight. It is an elaborate process that may need you to practice caution at every step. Similarly, the design also needs to be done with utmost care so that the final design fulfills your needs. Since we are discussing commercial interior designs, it should be known that they need to be attractive and innovative. These designs will likely fulfill your needs and help bring more business.


Knowing that your restaurant’s interior design will last a long time can be a mystery. You may not know it until your interior design firm tells you to. Of course, they are the ones designing it so they know better. All you can do is to ask them to make it as durable and lasting as they can. In the meantime, do look forward to reputable interior consultants in Dubai.

4 Simple Design Hacks To Transform Your Dining Business

When you are running a dining establishment, you need to ensure that your place look enticing enough to visit. Apart from serving sumptuous food, diners and customers are also scrutinizing the look of the space before they decide to dine in.

Given that scenario, you need to pay attention to the aesthetics of your restaurant. If your dining business is looking a bit drab compared to your competitors, it is a must that you do something.       A top restaurant interior designer from Dubai shared some simple tips that you can apply to transform your dining space:

  • Clean it up

The first thing that you need to do when you want to transform your restaurant into a stunning dining place is to make it spotless in all aspect. It is not enough that the space look clean; it should also smells and feels clean. A lot of customers today are complaining about restaurants that are dirty and murky. This can instantly turn away potential diners. So, pay attention to your business cleanliness at all times.

  • Push your brand

Branding is essential in any business. It is the concept that will set you apart from your competition. So, ensure that you incorporate it on your business interiors – from the color of your walls to the kind of silverware that you will use. A diner or client would instantly know it is your business once they see your brand colors or the spoon that you are using.

  • Emphasis on your main offering

Each restaurant is known for something, usually a one-of-a-kind meal that can only be found on a specific café. This is your business USP. So, it is a must that you make an emphasis of this on your design. The customer should know instantly what you want to offer once they enter your dining space.

  • Create the right mood

Apart from the look of the restaurant, you need to ensure that you are setting the right mood for your customers. This has something to do with your brand character. If your brand is calming and relaxed, you need to set that kind of mood. If your brand is all about happiness, then the mood should exude that attitude. This can be done through proper lighting and ambiance. You might need to consult with a professional to know how you can make this happened.

Check this site out for more restaurant design tips.


Know It All Before Hiring an Interior Design Service

Are you all set to make some adjustments to your premises once and for all? Before doing that, it is important to understand all your requirements from the interior design you want to have at your office. Why is this even important? It is because of several reasons. Firstly, there is a high chance that the interior designer has no experience working with businessperson like you and might need your input from time to time.

When that happens, you are in a position to guide the company which will save time, money and efforts. Being unable to do so will not only leave the designer astray, it will also not work well for you. Another drawback of not providing enough input to your interior designer about what to get things done is that the designer will get stuck every now and again. In either case, it is your duty to present the designer your requirements and design options to help him design your premises accordingly. Here is more on things you should know before hiring interior fit out companies in UAE:


Utilizing The Office Space

Believe it or not, but your office space can leave a lasting impression on many provided the space is used wisely. Offices often require revamping of space, which is a telltale sign they need to hire an interior design company from time to time. When it comes to your workplace, only an innovative design will do. No ordinary designer will fit into your requirements, so doing research to find the one that fits well to your needs is a must. As such, it is extremely important to identify and lay down your office interior design needs first and start looking for a designer after that.

A proficient interior designing service excels in several fronts. Firstly, the designing service will calculate the available space. In the second step, the designer will start imagining as to what will work best for the available space. Depending upon the type of business you are involved with, the designer will take into account popular concepts being used in the industry and ways to fit the trendiest ones into the design. This will give the designer a general layout as to how your interior space will look like. The equipment and furniture will be selected adequately, which means that they’ll consider fixing what works best and eliminate what doesn’t.

So, to have a great interior design, find the right interior design company in dubai.

Art Schools in Dubai

Classy people do live in Dubai and those classy people love to send their children in sophisticated art schools. This city can offer some of the best theatre, music, fine arts classes and so much more. Not only that world class mentors work there, but these schools and academies are placed on wonderful locations in and around Dubai that it is so inspirational to work and learn there. You can pay to have private lessons, go there for a semester or too, or be lucky enough to get a scholarship that will provide you few years at one of the schools.

IMI (International Music Institute) is an amazing place; it offers classes for all ages. There are teachers from literally every part of the world so wherever you come from, you can find a teacher who speaks your language, which makes the learning process much easier if you are not UAE native. This school offers private classes, group classes, they sell and rent instruments and can help you get the perfect musicians for your party, wedding or birthday. Those who attend classes regularly, throughout the whole year, especially the youngest students, get to present what they learned and accomplished at the end of that year by performing publically. They also have modern dances, ballet and singing lessons.

National Arts and Technology Institute has a long tradition. It used to be very traditional, but in the past ten years they adopted and introduced some new techniques, brought professors from Europe and England. This Institute is much affordable, but equally good, as some other schools; they offer much more chances for getting scholarships and study there for free. When it comes to arts, they are mostly oriented toward fine arts like painting, sculpture and architect classes.

Universal American school is known for engaging its students into as much artistic activities as possible. They are not primarily art school but in the past few years many of their students continued their education in some of many art fields. Teachers of this school emphasize that they are trying to follow and respect the individual tendencies of every student. They let them choose the music instrument they want to play and once they do, they are also allowed to change their mind and try another if they feel like. Plastic arts are mostly about getting to know about different techniques and genres and developing motoric skills while painting and sculpting. Theatre and drama is very important to them, because they believe that it has huge positive impact on child’s brain and general development of young people.

Ballet, modern and traditional dances also found their place in city of Dubai. Dubai dance academy offers the opportunity to start dancing ballet from the youngest age. You can start at the age of three and a half and in a few years you can become a fantastic classical French ballet dancer.

Apart from these schools, there are many other smaller facilities, where you can learn about traditional Arab painting, arts in general and dances; traditional dance lessons are very popular among expats and tourists.