Art Schools in Dubai

Classy people do live in Dubai and those classy people love to send their children in sophisticated art schools. This city can offer some of the best theatre, music, fine arts classes and so much more. Not only that world class mentors work there, but these schools and academies are placed on wonderful locations in and around Dubai that it is so inspirational to work and learn there. You can pay to have private lessons, go there for a semester or too, or be lucky enough to get a scholarship that will provide you few years at one of the schools.

IMI (International Music Institute) is an amazing place; it offers classes for all ages. There are teachers from literally every part of the world so wherever you come from, you can find a teacher who speaks your language, which makes the learning process much easier if you are not UAE native. This school offers private classes, group classes, they sell and rent instruments and can help you get the perfect musicians for your party, wedding or birthday. Those who attend classes regularly, throughout the whole year, especially the youngest students, get to present what they learned and accomplished at the end of that year by performing publically. They also have modern dances, ballet and singing lessons.

National Arts and Technology Institute has a long tradition. It used to be very traditional, but in the past ten years they adopted and introduced some new techniques, brought professors from Europe and England. This Institute is much affordable, but equally good, as some other schools; they offer much more chances for getting scholarships and study there for free. When it comes to arts, they are mostly oriented toward fine arts like painting, sculpture and architect classes.

Universal American school is known for engaging its students into as much artistic activities as possible. They are not primarily art school but in the past few years many of their students continued their education in some of many art fields. Teachers of this school emphasize that they are trying to follow and respect the individual tendencies of every student. They let them choose the music instrument they want to play and once they do, they are also allowed to change their mind and try another if they feel like. Plastic arts are mostly about getting to know about different techniques and genres and developing motoric skills while painting and sculpting. Theatre and drama is very important to them, because they believe that it has huge positive impact on child’s brain and general development of young people.

Ballet, modern and traditional dances also found their place in city of Dubai. Dubai dance academy offers the opportunity to start dancing ballet from the youngest age. You can start at the age of three and a half and in a few years you can become a fantastic classical French ballet dancer.

Apart from these schools, there are many other smaller facilities, where you can learn about traditional Arab painting, arts in general and dances; traditional dance lessons are very popular among expats and tourists.

Author: asdfggh