Ambulance Service in Dubai

All of you traveling to Dubai should be rest assured that in case of any medical emergency – you or your family members will get the fastest and best possible care there is. This rich city didn’t invest only in hotels and oil related businesses, but it also gathered some of the best scientist and doctors in order to provide maximum of health care to its citizens and numerous tourists coming and going every day. Some of the best equipped hospitals are placed in Dubai; some of the best surgeons work there and change people’s lives on daily basis. Dubai provides great conditions for doctors and scientists to experiment meet with each other and exchange their knowledge with only one goal – to improve lives of many human beings.

Dubai is one of the cities with private ambulance vehicles. They have the modern technology, are driven by the people who can also provide medical help on the spot, and the doctors working in the Emergency Ambulance Cars are some of the best in the world. They are trained even to operate in the Ambulance if necessary. So, they have drivers capable of providing First Aid and doctors trained to do pre-hospital medical services, which is very important in case of emergency that might occur in the public places such as business meetings, big corporations, industrial arias, beaches, hotels or amusement parks.

Till recently Ambulance services were totally free, but that is about to change. Local authorities said that it has only one purpose – to improve emergency service in general; by paying for it, Ambulance cars and doctors will be able to collect their salary from those payments, instead of spending government money on constantly buying gear and gas. Those with health insurance will pay by their cards and those without it will get the receipt and will have to pay when the time comes. This goes only for natives right now, but the policy will be adapted to expats and tourists too.

National Ambulance in UAE made an effort to increase the awareness of drivers passing near school areas and to show them how dangerous it can be, because there has been a large number of accidents around schools in the past year. They say fast cars and irresponsible, too young drivers are to blame for that. National Ambulance also trains all of their doctors to provide pre-hospital care for their patients.

The phone number you should dial in case of medical emergency in Dubai is 998 or 999. By the testimony of many – they usually arrive within 5 minutes. They are always very pleasant, humane, skillful and fast. When you dial the emergency number make sure you shortly explain what kind of emergency is it, because numerous Dubai Ambulance services have different divisions specialized in different fields. And most importantly don’t be embarrassed of yourself whatever kind emergency it might be, because your honesty will only help your doctor to find the most suitable and best way to help you. Stay safe in Dubai.

Author: asdfggh