3 Reasons you need to try bulk SMS Marketing for Your Business

If you are wondering whether bulk SMS marketing in Dubai is the right choice for your business, here are a few reasons to change your mind:

It’s Engaging

Most customers cannot wait to rush to their phones and read a text message as soon as it arrives in their inbox. In fact, as soon as a message is received, it is read on average within a couple of months. On the other hand, email marketing is losing its effectiveness since customers are used to their email inbox flooding over with unwanted advertising and spam. In addition, while people cannot wait to read a text message as soon as it is received, most people hardly check their email once a day.

Since received messages demand instant attention, this phenomenon boasts countless benefits for business owners in terms of popularity. Not only are the people on your SMS contact list guaranteed to read your SMS as soon as they receive it, they are also willing participants in your promotional campaign. While SMS marketing won’t put your brand in the limelight as other more traditional and upfront modes of advertising, it stands out in its capability of delivering your messages directly to an engaged audience. It delivers a great bang for your hard earned bucks by getting your audience to read your messages in a sure fire way.

It’s Quick

SMS marketing in UAE is cresting the waves of popularity because of its brevity, both for the advertiser and the consumer. In contrast to dull and copious Email promotions, SMS messages are to the point, generally one or two sentences in length. They often incorporate a link to a website so that users can assess it on their smart phones and glean more details about the promotion.

Because SMS messages are so succinct, customers are bound to read the entire message. SMS messages are also not intrusive as telephone calls or web pop-ups, and can be read at the convenience of the consumer. Small business owners are often pressed on time, and greatly benefit from the brevity of the SMS messages. Deploying and planning a promotion through SMS is easy and quick, and entails lesser up-front planning than do more traditional advertising means.

It’s Cheap

Startups and small business owners are often functioning on a shoe-string budget, and therefore cannot afford expensive advertising. Since SMS marketing is affordable, most platforms allow your business to splurge just a few cents on each message. Placing a strikingly full ad in front of a potential consumer incurs a heftier cost than sending an SMS message. Moreover, bulk packages let you send thousands of messages each month for a cheap price.

Author: asdfggh