Things to know about power of attorney – know what to do

There are things we know and then there are those we have no clue about. Knowing about things will help you learn and in doing so, it might continue to grab your interest. Power of attorney UAE is one of those things that people know little about even today. Truth to be told, much of it stems from the lack of knowledge. It is true that most of us seldom think about having a POA but the truth is that there is nothing wrong in having it. Like so many documents, your POA is also just another legal document. If you don’t know how to use it, or what to have written in it, your attorney will help you with it. At its core, the POA is a powerful document in its own right. However, the power is there because the person who had POA authorizes the nominated party to perform certain actions on his behalf. In other words, your POA will always remain in your control, and the nominee will remain in check all the time.

Controlled autonomy

Though the nominee is allowed to take decisions on your behalf under certain circumstances, the person who had the document made will still maintain control. The only reason for having this document is that the person was for some reason, unable to take certain actions. In his absence, he nominated someone to take those. There is no possibility of abuse of power even if the nominee wanted to. in other words, the POA will work as you desired by the drawbacks often linked with it are not true. Like most legal documents, there are checks on this document too. Call it controlled autonomy if you like but it is a measure to maintain a check on the nominated person. Since you are absent, the attorney made provisions in the document to keep things like abuse of power at bay.

Temporary nature

Perhaps the best way of describing a POA, especially a medical POA as temporary control. It is a document that ensures that things keep rolling even in case of an emergency. You might not want to take control of things once you are able to for until that happens, the nominee will take care of matters on your behalf. It is equally important to nominate the person after thorough examination. Though the attorney and the nature of document will keep the person in check, you should also play your part.

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