5 Home-Care Tips For Patients With A Heart Condition

Cardiovascular diseases affect millions of people around the globe. People suffering from this condition are in constant fear that one day, it would just end their life. With that, they need utmost care and support of their loved ones.

Experts in heart diseases and home physiotherapy in Dubai provided a list of tips that can help family members take good care of relatives grappling with heart diseases:

  • Watch their diet

Eating a well-balanced diet is important, especially if the patient is suffering from a heart condition. Be sure to serve dishes that have no trans fat. Bad cholesterol from trans fat will clogged the arteries and can affect your heart’s functionalities. If you are serving fat, choose the once that are healthy and needed by the body. Unsaturated fats are preferred over the saturated ones.

  • Be consistent with their meds

Some patients suffering from heart disease have the tendency to skip their medicines and prescriptions, especially if they think that they are feeling better. But not being consistent with their meds can have grave effect on their health, especially with their heart condition. The effect of the meds will not be as effective if they don’t consistently take it. Always remind them to take the medicines. You can help them by remind them verbally, or use their mobile devices to remind them when to take their prescriptions.

  • Remind them of their appointments

Like being consistent with their meds, patients suffering from heart condition need to ensure that they attend their appointments. Heart illnesses are dangerous but it can be prevented through early detection. By monitoring your vitals and health stats, it would be easier for physicians to know whether there is something amiss. Once they spot an anomaly, they can prescribe the right treatment and make adjustments on the medicines that you are taking.

  • Invite them for a walk

Some patients who are suffering from a heart condition think that exercising might aggravate their condition. But moving and exercising can help your heart function better to deliver oxygen to other parts of the body. Patients don’t need to do intense routines. As simple as taking a walk will do wonders to their health.

  • Keep a happy disposition

The mental state of a person can affect their body. A patient suffering from depression is likely to suffer a heart attack or contract a disease. Being positive despite their condition can help lessen the chances of having a heart attack.


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