What makes Dubai cocktail bars the best in the business?

The amazing city we know as Dubai is a hub of some of the most beautiful and lavish bars and lounges in the world. If you’re someone who loves to hang out with friends and colleagues in the bars, hotels, and malls, this city gives you the license to have a ball with your mates. The cocktail bars in Dubai are the best in the business when it comes to the provision of the best ambiance, quality resource, courteous staff, and tasteful drinks or an awesome range of varieties.

Dubai has a slightly different working schedule from the rest of the world. When the whole world is enjoying leisure Sundays, people in Dubai and the GCC region are spending the day in their office premises, working diligently. After all this hard work, they deserve a fun-filled evening with the dear ones. Especially ladies deserve it the most, and they are no short of options when it comes to enjoying a quality Monday night out with their best friends in a great bar in Dubai. What’s more, you can have this luxury at a very pocket friendly budget which makes it even more enjoyable experience.

Mintleaf offers a unique classic experience of a moon-light-filled Monday night, which works well for both men and women. Women can catch up with the bird’s eye view of the city and sipping their favorite cocktails with the ones they love getting out there. Adding to the cozy environment is the eclectic beats from the DJ who spins it for the audience. Together, they all turn your ordinary night into a special one at The Lounge at Mintleaf, which is just the perfect start to the week.

The whole list of the attractions at the bar will leave you spellbound. These quality moments will not only fill your mind with the amazing memories of the women’s night but will also enthuse your circle of friends and colleagues. Your royal experience at Mintleaf will charge you all up to face the music and the challenges facing you during the week. Join Mintleaf for the lasting experience at Monday ladies night in Dubai. So Ladies, if you’re really looking for the inspiration and a well-deserved break from the busy schedules of your day hours, the place is just the perfect escape from the mechanical life and get your energies filled up with its top quality beverages and cocktails.

Author: asdfggh