Tips to make your child get a haircut

Kids are one of the most difficult species in this world to get through. No matter how much you try to keep your calm and manage them, they will somehow end up screaming and shouting and ruining the haircut. So how does one deal with it? Here are a few tips which will surely come in handy at kids salon JLT which allows you to get an insta worthy baby without creating a scene:

  • Bribe first, expect later

We all are bribing children before getting a haircut, telling them how they will be presented with their favourite sweet or toy if they turn out to be good kids. Well, it takes a little time to develop their trust which is why you need to bribe them before the haircut and then expect the results. Don’t tell them they will get a lolly once they are done, get them a lolly while they are at it to encourage them.

  • Aim for kid friendly salon

This is very important especially when your child is too young to contemplate what is happening with them but they just know it is going to be scary. A kid friendly salon would be packed with fun colours and toys to distract them along with an experienced and skilled staff who would get your work done without the trouble. Chances are, your child might even end up loving the place along with their other haircut buddies.

  • Offer them some fun services

If you have a girl who is big enough to understand and be interested in all the pretty girls stuff then you can surely pamper them a little. Tell them how they can get a princess manicure if they get their haircut done without fussing over it. There’s nothing wrong in sometimes letting your princess know that she is valued by fulfilling her wishes. Buy them children makeup kit or haircut kit toys which would help develop more interest in the activity.

There are so many other things which you can do and aim for. Make sure that you manage the task carefully and not get pissed off by your children making a fuss. Children have a way of scaring you out so just hold tight and maintain your calm to get through this.

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