Learning A New Language: What It Can Do For You

Some people lived their life knowing only one language, their lingua franca. Most of these people go on with their life speaking and writing the same language. There is nothing wrong with that. But learning another language can do wonders for your everyday living.

If you are having second thoughts on pursuing this new learning, these reasons might change your mind:


  • You can have a career in the translation industry

The demand for Arabic translation in Dubai, or any other language, is increasing by the minute. A lot of companies are subscribing to this kind of service for many reasons, but the commonality is these companies are aiming to get the message across target audience in different regions and location.


With the increasing demand, translation companies are in need of competent translators and interpreters who can cater to the needs of these clients. And the compensation for this kind of job is pretty attractive and there are a lot of opportunities for improvement in this fast rising and lucrative industry.


  • You can write text in other languages

Another benefit of learning or knowing other languages is that you will be able to write and communicate in other languages. This might be a lame benefit but it can help you in the near future when you need to communicate with other cultures or read foreign papers that you might be needing for your research.


This is one of the reasons why academic institutions are including language electives on their curriculums, as they are teaching their student not only to be globally competitive but also to understand different culture through their foreign language and documents. You can do document translation of these texts if you want to.


  • It can sharpen your brain

There are a lot of studies that already indicated about how learning a second language can help on sharpening one’s brain. According to Be Brain Fit, learning a second language can sharpen one’s memory and intelligence, improve focus and concentration, and lower the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Learning a second language can give your brain a good workout.


  • You can watch foreign films without subtitles

Sometimes, we want to go to foreign film festivals but we opted not to because we might get a bit intimidated by these foreign movies. There might be subtitles, but it still best if you know what the characters are saying without the aid of subtitles.