Learning from the Mistakes of 2011

Building your own web site usually takes time and unless you are already an expert in this field, it is vital that you learn from the mistakes that have been committed during the previous years. Through proper planning, you can develop your own traffic infested company web page through the use of free flash templates. All the programs or devices that you require can simply be downloaded from a reliable web site. This is a lot better than investing a huge amount on professional services.


Web design errors should immediately be resolved because it will have a negative impact on your online biz. If you wish to stay competitive, it is imperative that you do not sacrifice the professional looks as well as effectiveness of your business web page. Poor navigation has always been a problem during the previous year. This is due to the fact that only a few marketers make this particular feature one of their priorities. Always remember that a terrific navigation scheme has to be flawless.

In addition to this, the usability as well as accessibility of your business page is always one of the foremost concerns. Not all internet surfers are technical experts so you should always aim to establish a user friendly setting. Your main objective should be to serve the needs of more readers and subscribers because this is the best chance for you to increase your sales. If you have several pages or sections, it is only right that you device an effective navigation system that can be easily or conveniently understood by your target market.

Having a cluttered page is a big turn off and it will only make your readers go away. Online surfers are busy individuals and they only have a few minutes to surf for the items that they require. Extraneous items on your business web site will only make your page look unprofessional and this is not good at all. Your page should be accommodating, clutter-free and readable. This is the only way by which you can maintain quality traffic as well as returning customers.

Even the search engine robots cannot access a cluttered, overwhelming and confusing web site and this is one of the most common reasons why some business sites fail to appear on various search engine results. Irrelevant texts and images including very long paragraphs will only affect the readers’ perception about your online company. Another crucial mistake that was committed is the inclusion of too many advertisements. Although it is your prerogative as the owner of the site to accept paid ads from various affiliates, you should also see to it that these items will not clog your page.

You can still accept paid ads but you should set a minimum number so as not to affect your reader’s convenience. Always remember that too much of everything will only scare your regular visitors and they might no longer click on your blog site or business site in the future. Less is more when it comes to these advertisements.

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