Innovation is Key in Social Media Marketing


The internet had already overtaken television as the largest advertising market. In fact, Republican presidential action committees are using the internet more than any other medium for campaign purposes as shown in the level of political campaigning activities happening in the online realm. Presidential candidates and their campaign committees know that they can save more money and catch the attention of more people if they concentrate their efforts in the internet. Television and radio companies are now even supporting measures to regulate online commerce because of the heavy losses they experienced due to internet usage. Leading the surge for online domination is the social media. Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, and blogs allow individual followers to “retweet” or “repost” comments made by the product being promoted ( Let’s see how innovation is the key to social media success.

First, social media websites are social media websites. One should transform the social sites into something of use or benefit for his own individual website business. He cannot simply use for the reason that everyone is using the social site. He should use the components found in the social site for his own business interest or for his own business expansion. Think of the social media as mere creations of nature. Trees, for example, are just trees for some unknown purpose if they are just there. The creative person will use or transform the trees into something much more useful or for his own advantage like converting the trees into firewood, tables, chairs, etc.

Second, innovation centers on how one uses the expansive nature of the social media to his own advantage. If one was able to get a store located near the main entrance of a mall, then he should do something to take advantage of his excellent location on the mall. If he has to sell goods of higher value, then he has to do it; or else, his location on the mall would be considered a huge waste. As stated in, the internet is a massive abyss that’s not easily traversed. This abyss is not something which should be left untouched. The online businessman should know how to take advantage of the wonders of social media marketing or that he should do something to create a wonderful marketing strategy for his own good.

Innovation is the key to online business success. A businessman who refuses to innovate and depend on the absurdities of the “natural online development” will end up not gaining from the development. Templates designers look for inspirations to develop and design wonderful free flash website templates. Other online businessmen should do the same. It would be absurd if he let the business grow and develop without even considering the importance of social media marketing and all the perks that comes with it. The internet business world is a fast growing entity and the social media networks are in the forefront of it. Many online businessmen simply wait for the social media to give them something – a fan page, a design setting etc. – to promote their goods and services. However, businessmen would create much better marketing strategies if they allow their imaginations to run when it comes to using the social media websites.