Guarding Your Site Against SEO Marauders

Business competition is extremely tough in the online world. Some will surely get into your nerves just to make sure that they stay ahead of the competition. They would do everything in their power to bring their website into prominence despite the fact that they are already stepping on other people’s shoes. Search engine optimization is all about adding content to capture the attention of search engine companies and customers. If played fairly based on the standards imposed by the search engine companies like Google and Yahoo, the winner would be the one who generates the best and the most relevant content for his particular line of business but that is no longer the case because of hideous practices played by other online businessmen. “SEO marauders” are SEO professionals who devise ways to bring down competitor websites by creating black hat content purportedly made by the site or its agents. They are mercenaries paid to bring down certain websites through infusing black hat search engine optimization and unnecessary contents. Let’s take a deeper look.

Marauders don’t have access to individual websites or the victim websites. However, they could very well access the social networking websites and the article sharing websites. In the social sites, they set up fake websites and flood the same with contents purportedly created by the victim websites. In the article sharing websites, the marauders add unnecessary contents or irrelevant contents allegedly associated with a certain website. If the internet were the brick-and-mortar realm, the marauders and their principals could be liable to numerous crimes like unfair business practices and even embezzlement if the case allows it. Creating fake maps is also common. The pseudo “map spam” is often linked to SEO marauders. The map spam defined in as making fake maps using Google Maps. How can you counter the attacks from the marauders?

First, you should have a reaction team to counter the effects of the fake SEO. Let’s say that an article sharing website contains articles allegedly written by you or your agents. The reaction team should be able to counter the harsh articles and the fake ones by explaining to the public in written form that the articles were made by marauders and such articles are not in any manner connected to the website or its owner or its agents.

Second, the website owner should be able to equalize the battle by conducting his own black hat search engine optimization against the offending website or competing company. He cannot just back down and wait for the thunder to strike his opponents. He should be strong enough to realize that if he cannot fight, then he is bound to lose a lot. Passivity is a crime in the conduct of online business.

Third, the flash template free website owner should also be strong enough and muster enough courage to condemn the acts of creating fake contents or black hat SEO. If he has to condemn such acts in his social networking account or personal website, then he should do so. Sitting back and ignoring the bad things are like allowing the bad guys to consider you as the victim without any repercussions from their acts.




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