Election 2012 Politico Website Design

The 2012 Election season is in! Armed with their different campaign platforms, the Republican candidates battled it out in three states already. What is different from this election from four years ago is not in the campaign slogans, but the fact that everyone is participating through their personal websites and social networking accounts. The supporters of the candidates compete for the most stunning and the most graceful political websites. Templates designers, on the other hand, are busy creating the best political templates to attract the most number of people. Four years ago, the internet activity is much lesser. Few people then campaign using their websites and social networking sites. However, the two grassroots movement which sprung in the United States – the Tea Party Movement and the Occupy Wall Street Movement – showed that the internet is important if an individual wants to influence or at least affect the public discourse. As of now, the top political websites in the United States are the political news sites and major political commentator sites. A good list could be found in pcmag.com. However, we predict that the individual political donor websites and the grassroots sites will surge in popularity in the middle of the campaign season. January is still considered as the initial month of the primary season. What can we expect from the templates designers in the weeks and months leading to the general election this November?

1) Improvement in the Donation Sites

Community-based organizing is leading to the emergence of a new demand – website templates which are simple but secure enough for money gathering purposes. Community leaders are expecting templates designers to make good in their promise to create more flash website templates so that they can conduct online “money bombs” for their candidates. In fact, the small donation sites were very important during the midterm election two years ago. The elections brought in the best and the brightest minds back in the conservative movement. There were some security problems then. The good thing is that the templates designers learned their lessons and they are now creating fraud-free donor sites for individuals and communities to make handsome donations to their candidates.

2) The designs are getting better

The designs of political websites are even getting better these days. Four years ago, most political or campaign sites were made by fresh graduates from information technology schools. The campaign managers then ordered that the sites should be as simple as possible so as to mask the impression of “grandiosity”.  The best political designs are those which can attract the most number of people possible. There were some campaign managers during the midterm elections who experimented on modernist designs, and they were able to get a lot of supporters or volunteers with the help of those brilliant designs. In the next few months, we would be expecting more websites and better looking campaign sites as the competition between and among the candidates get tougher.

3) Much attention on the Information Structure

Four years ago, there were very few texts found in the political websites. So as not to avoid downloading problems, the website designers used links to connect website viewers and visitors to relevant websites discussing something about a particular candidate. Thanks to improvements and developments in information structure, political websites could contain as much information as the candidate wants. Audio, video, images and texts could now be properly arranged in one website so as not to get or attach other websites for content purposes. The main websites of the candidates could attest the developments in information structure technology. We predict that the website ranker ebizmba.com would observe the dramatic changes in the political campaign websites this 2012.